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Select All – Add To Shopping List – Create It – Tap or click measures to mark as whole – Add to Recipe Box – View Recipe Card – Because this layered chocolate cake makes 24 servings, it’s the best dessert to serve at your next celebration. The cream cheese mix sinks into the bottom of the cake batter as your cake bakes, forming your creamy coating in addition to the unmolded cake. To unmold chilled cake, use long thin spatula to loosen cake from sides of pan. Put plate cake pan, invert cake onto plate. Gently remove pan. Spoon any chocolate syrup remaining in pan.

To avoid overflow, check cake pan to affirm it is the mandatory 12 cup size. Just measure 3 qt. Water and pour into skillet to check the volume before using as directed. Continue as directed. Reserved cake batter will create 9 cupcakes. Bake as directed on cake mix package. Rating Snapshot – Select a row below into filter testimonials. 5 stars – 78 reviews with 5 stars. Select to filter testimonials with 5 stars. 4 stars – 18 reviews with 4 stars. Select to filter testimonials with 4 stars. 3 stars – 12 reviews with 3 stars. Select to filter testimonials with 3 stars.

2 stars – 4 reviews with 2 stars. Select to filter testimonials with 2 stars. 1 stars – 7 reviews with 1 star. Select to filter testimonials with 1 star. Average Client Ratings – Overall – 4.3 – Simply made this recipe for your very first time. Came out looking like the photo. Tastes as good as it looks. Bar Of Ghirardelli’s Bittersweet Chocolate from the mousse. A lot of flavor. Nevertheless, this was great. Trust me, it’ll make your life much easier without worrying about the cake not rising correctly because it’s sitting around while you had been doing everything else.

By your way, as I was gently spooning your last of your mousse mix over your top, your layers started to shift. Even before baking. Will definitely make over and over again. May try other flavours in your future, but your chocolate on chocolate was superb. Delicious cake. However the cake turned out perfect. Only complaint that I got from a few members of the family, was that they did not care for your chocolate syrup on it, and neither do I. But I presume that you need it so your cake will come out from the pan. Going to try other stuff, maybe like a Ganache, to replace your syrup, but I’m worried it might burn.

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